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Editors' foreword

The Review of Network Economics

Vol 5, Issue 1 - March 2006 

Editors' foreword
The current issue of the Review of Network Economics contains selected papers from the recent Federal Reserve Bank of New York conference entitled "Antitrust Activity in Card-Based Payment Systems: Causes and Consequences" held on September 15 and 16, 2005. In contrast to our previous special issue, which focused more on an assessment of payment systems and their regulation in different countries, the current selection of nine papers focuses on the theoretical literature that analyzes card schemes. It surveys contributions to the modeling and policy analysis of payment card systems, provides fresh perspectives on the various policy debates surrounding card schemes, and presents new formal analysis relevant to these debates.

As with the last special issue, we are particularly grateful to have as the editor, James McAndrews, Vice President and Head of the Payments Studies Function, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, who organized so well the conference in New York and put together this fine selection of papers that resulted from it.

We also wish to draw the reader's attention to an upcoming conference on the related but more general topic of "Competition Policy in Two-Sided Markets". Organized by IDEI, and set in Toulouse, France on June 29th and July 1st, 2006, full details of the call for papers and conference details are posted on our announcements page. We invite other institutions to send their announcements of conferences, workshops and other events relevant to those working on network economics to the journal for possible posting on our announcement page.

Co-editors: John Panzar and Julian Wright

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