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  archives: Vol. 1, Issue 2 - September 2002

Editors' foreword

The Review of Network Economics

Volume 1, Issue 2 - September 2002 

Editors' foreword
  On May 13, 2002 the United States Supreme Court finally ruled on the legality of the Federal Communication Commission's TELRIC approach for setting prices of wholesale Telecommunication services, as required by the United States Telecommunications Act of 1996.

This issue of the Review is devoted to providing a range of perspectives on the Supreme Court's ruling, and the associated implementation of TELRIC pricing. Among the topics addressed are the economic arguments underlying the ruling, its wisdom (or lack thereof), its implications for future developments in telecommunications (most notably for competition), as well as unresolved implementation issues. Broadly speaking, the first four papers deal specifically with the Court's ruling, while the remaining three papers focus primarily on implementation issues surrounding TELRIC pricing.

We hope this special issue sets a precedent for future special issues that can address in a timely fashion the most topical policy issues facing network industries, as well as to review the most interesting intellectual developments in network economics. In this regard, we invite readers to send us their suggestions for future special issues.

Co-editors: John Panzar and Julian Wright

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