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Editors' foreword

The Review of Network Economics

Vol 3, Issue 3 - September 2004 

Editors' foreword
  We wish to announce the journal's new editorial assistant is Prateek Goorha, so please submit your papers, comments or questions to Prateek via [email protected]. The next issue (December 2004) of the journal will be a special issue on road pricing, guest edited by Professor John McDonald. We also wish to remind readers of the upcoming conference on "Antitrust Activity in Card-Based Payment Systems: Causes and Consequences" to be held September 15 and 16, 2005 at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Submission of a paper to the conference acts as a submission to the Review of Network Economics, which will publish accepted papers in a special conference volume. Papers should be submitted electronically in PDF format to [email protected]. Limited travel funding is available for academic presenters. Submission Deadline is June 1, 2005. Conference Location: Federal Reserve Bank of New York. 33 Liberty Street. New York, NY. A full announcement is available here.

Co-editors: John Panzar and Julian Wright

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