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Editors' foreword

The Review of Network Economics

Vol 3, Issue 4 - December 2004 

Editors' foreword
  The present issue of the Review of Network Economics is a special issue on Road Pricing, both the theory and the practice. We were fortunate to have John F. McDonald, Professor of Economics and Interim Dean at the College of Business Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago to act as editor for the issue. The issue contains six separate papers, including an introduction to both the practice and theory of road pricing, together with a synthesis of how the papers in this issue contribute to our understanding of traffic congestion and road pricing by Professor McDonald himself. As well as providing the reader with an excellent overview of economic models of road pricing, these papers also help policymakers, researchers and consultants keep abreast of some of the latest developments in this very important field. We wish to express our thanks to Professor McDonald, for the outstanding job he has done in putting together this fine selection of papers.

We also wish to note that the publisher of this journal, Network Economics Consulting Group (NECG) has been acquired by Charles River Associates (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd (CRA).

Please see www.necg.com.au for a press release on the acquisition. We are happy to say that NECG, as a subsidary of CRA, will continue to sponsor the Review of Network Economics, which acts as an independent journal to serve academics, government and consultants who are interested in the economics of network industries and related subjects.

Co-editors: John Panzar and Julian Wright

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